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S. No







Ruins of old city at (Manzoor Colony) Badin.(at present not existing)



Phaka near Khudaabad

Tomb of Yar Muhammad Khan Kalhoro and its adjoining Masjid.




Jamia Masjid



Rani Kot








In Deh Naing opposite

Lakhmir-ji-mare the police out post Sehwan



In Deh narpirar at the source of Damb Buthi.

The Pirari (Spring) about 6 miles south of Jhangara, sewhan.



In Deh Shouk near Piryare –ji- Mari

Near Pir Gaji shah, Johi  S.No 523 / 8-11



Deh Bahlil Shah, Johi

Ali Murad- Village mound S.No.407/11-31.



Deh Karchet Mahal

Masum ji Buthi (unsurvied land Kohistan. Kohistan).



In Deh karchat about 8 miles south-Kohtrass Buthi (unsurvied land).

West of village of karchat on road from Thana Bula Khan to Taung.



In Deh Karchat on river Baran on the Othmanji Buthi (unsurvied land West from the Arab jo Thano to  in kohistan).

Wahi village North- West of Bachani Sandhi Mahal Kohistan.



















13.          --do--                    In Deh Palha at a distance of                       Lohanjo Daro

30 chains from railway                                   No 299/2-3, 600/ 3-4, 623/ 1-2 &

station but not within railway limits.        629/ 1-2.


14.          --do--                    Deh wahi, johi                                                   Pandhi wahi village mounds s.no:                                                                                                                             3641/1 -25.

15.          --do--                    Sehwan                                                                                Sehwan Fort

16.          --do--                    Deh Wahi Pandhi, Johi.                                  S.No 365/5-38 (Ancient mound).

17.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    S.No 369/6-14 (Ancient mound).


18.          Hyderabad          Hyderabad                                                          Tomb of Ghulam Shah Kalhoro.


19.          --do--                    Hyderabad Fort                                                Boundary Wall.


20.          --do--                    Hyderabad Fort                                                                Old Offices of Mirs.


21.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tajar (Treasury) of Mirs.


22.          --do--                    Hyderabad                                          Tomb of Ghulam Nabi Khan Kalhoro.


23.          --do--                    Hyderabad                          One enclosure containing tomb of Talpur Mirus.


24.          --do--                    Hyderabad


25.          --do--                    Hyderabad Fort                                                                Tower (Now used as water tank)


26.          --do--                    Hyderabad                                                          Haram of Talpur Mirs.


27.          --do--                    (Guja) a few miles from                                                Budhist stupa.

                                                Tando Muhammad khan


28.          --do--                    Tando Fazal                                                        Two Mosques and a tomb


29.          --do--                    Hyderabad                                                          Tomb of Sarfraz Khan Kalhoro.


30.          --do--                    Mohalla Jahaniya, Nasarpur.                       Nasar ji Mosque.


31.          --do--                    Mohalla Memon, Hyderabad.                    Mai kharie-ji Mosque.


32.          --do--                    Hyderabad (ward ‘E”)                                    Mosque of Mirs


33.          --do--                    Hyderabad                                          One enclosure containing tombs of Talpur Mirs


35.          Karachi                 Karachi New Maham Road Burns Qrs:                     Wazir Mension Birth place of

                                                                                                                                                Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali



36.          Thatta                   Between Landhi and Sanro                                          Chaukhandi  Tombs.


37.          --do--                    Mirpur Sakro                                                                      Sasian jo Takar


38.          --do--                    Kharkhro                                                                             lakho Shaikh (Baluch) graveyard


39.          Karachi                 M.A Jinnah Road Karachi                                              Khaliq Dina Hall and Library.


40.          --do--                    Mirpur Sakro                                                                      Jam Bijar Fort.


41.          --do--                    Karachi                                                                                 Fraer Hall.


42.          Khairpur               Khairpur Deh Ghangro near                                        Diji ki Takri mound remains

                                                Kotdiji Fort.                                                                        earliest fortified town.


43.          --do--                    Kot Diji  Khairpur.                                                             Fort at kot diji.                                  


44.          --do--                    Deh near Dhoro 2 miles east of Tando Masti Khan.           Naro Waro Dhoro

Situated on sand Hill a sand mound in outward show.

45.          Larkana                                Mithe Dero                                                                         Jhukar Jo Daro.


46.          Larkana                                Moen Jo Daro                                                                    Prehistoric remains


48.          --do--                    Jinnah Bagh                                                                        Tajjar Building   


49.          --do--                    Larkana                                                                                Tomb of Shah Baharo


50.          --do--                    Near Dhamarho                                                                                Square Tower

51.          --do--                    Deh Dhamaro, Deh 67 nusrat                                      Three Groups of Mound Known

 as Dhamro Dero.

52.   Nawabshah               Nawabshah                                                                        Village Mir Rukan.

53.          --do--                    Deh of Village Noor Muhammad                               Tomb of Noor Muhammad


54.          Sanghar                Shahpur Chakar                                                                Qubba Mir Shahdad Khan.

55.          --do--                    Tapo  Chibore                                                    Bhiro Bham Mound

56.          --do--                    Tahsil Sinjhoro                                  Ancient city remains of Brahmabad


                                                Dah jamanas, Tapo                          Dalo Raja ji Nagri             


57.          --do--                    Deh Kot Bajur?                                                  Thull Mound.

58.          --do--                    Tehsil, Shshdadpur                                          Graveyard

59.          Sukkur                  Sukkur                                                                  Mir Masums’  Minar and Tomb.

60.          --do--                    Rohri                                                                     Shrine known as Satyun Jo Than

61.          --do--                    Between Lansdown                                        Entire area of Bakkar Fort.

                                                bridge on Rohri side, Sukkur                       including the walls and tombs

                                                bridge on other side.                                       of Hazart Khatib Sadurddin


62.          Ghokti                  Taluka Ghokti                                                    Mound Masjid Mari

                                                Deh Mathelo

63.          Tharparker          Near the town Umerkot.                              Birth place of Akbar the Great.

64.          Mirpurkhash      Mirpurkhash                                                      Main Buddhist Stupa.

65.          Tharparker          Bhodesar.                                                           A stone Mosque with white

Marable Pillars.

66.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tample I

67.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tample II

68.          --do--                    Naokot                                                                 Fort

69.          --do--                    Umerkot                                                              Fort.

70.          --do--                    14 miles North west of Virawah.                               Gori Tample.

71.          --do--                    Bhodesar.                                                           Tample IV

72.          --do--                    Serwah                                                                 Mound at Bhiro.

73.          --do--                    Deh Khuda Buksh                                            Mound at Shadi Pali.

74.          --do--                    Virawah                                                               Jain tample.

75.          --do--                    Chittori Goth                                                      Drick tomb of Arzi Khokhar.

77.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tomb of Mir Khan S/o Karam.

                --do--                    --do--                                                                   

78.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tomb known as Mir Murad Khan.

79.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    tomb of Musa khan.

80.          Tharparker          Chitori coth                                                         Brick tomb west of No 81 above

name not known

81.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    stone tomb west of No 82. Above

name not known.

82.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tomb of Mir Fatah khan and

Mir Mirza Khan.

83.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    tomb known as of femails of

Mir Dynasty

84.          --do--                    --do--                                                                   tomb known as of femails of

Mir Dynasty

85.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    Tomb of Aulia pir chistori

Badshah Qureshi.

86.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    old structure of tomb and mosque.

87.          --do--                    --do--                                                                    old ruined masque.








·         Thatta                   thatta Makil Hill                 Brick done to the north-east of the tomb

·         --do--                    --do--                                    tomb of Mubarak khan s/o jam naizamuddin.

·         --do--                    Makli Hill Thatta                tomb of compound wall of yellow stone at

·         --do--                    --do--                                    tomb of enclosure to the south west of above.

·         --do--                    --do--                                    tomb of enclosure to the south west of above.

·         --do--                    --do--                                    brick done to the south of the tomb.

·         --do--                    --do--                                    sultan Ibrahim and other tombs wrongly known as Amir

 Khalil khans tomb.

·         --do--                   --do--                                    tomb and compound wall of the yellow stone

·         --do--                   --do--                                    Brick encolure of Mirza Baqi Baig Uzbuks tomb.

·         --do--                   --do--                                    Dabgir masjid

·         --do--                   --do--                                    grayeyard.

·         --do--                   Deh Raj Malik                    Grayeyard known as Maqam Qadam Shah Goth raj


·         --do--                   Village senda S                  Senda grayeyard.

·         --do--                   Makli hill thatta                 Jam Nizamduuin tomb.

·         --do--                   --do--                                    Baradari.

·         --do--                   --do--                                    tomb of amir sultan Muhammad S/o amir ajika.

·         --do--                   --do--                                    nawab isa khan the youngers tomb.

·         --do--                   --do--                                    nawab surfa khans tomb

·         --do--                   --do--                                    Mirza tughrul baig tomb.

109.        Thatta      Makli Hill Thatta             Mirza Jani and Mirza Ghazi Baigs

110.        --do--       --do--       stone masonary enclosure containing the tomb of mirza Jan

 Baba and 12 otth of tukhran family wrongly known as tomb of

 zandana of nawab isa Khan.

111.        --do--                    --do--                    Mirza Muhammad Baqi Tarkhans tomb wrongly called Mirza Isa

 Khan tomb.

112.        --do--                    --do--                    stone tomb with a dome on stone pillers by the side mirza jani

 baigs tomb.

113.        --do--                    --do--                    brick masjid and enclosure near Nawab Shuffa khans tomb

 supposed to be the tomb of sayyed Amir Khan.

114.        --do--                    --do--                    Stone tomb with enclosure to the south of Mirza Muhammad

 Baqi tarkhan tomb tomb of Habshad baig.

115.        --do--                    --do--                    tomb of Mirza Muhammad Isa (I) Turkhan.

116.        --do--                    --do--                    Brick tomb near the tomb of Aubia Pir.

117.        --do--                    --do--                    Tomb with super structure on stone pijlars to the north

                                                                                Of the tomb of jam nizamuddin.

118.        --do--                    --do--                    Brick structure to the north of tomb of jam nizamussin

119.        --do--                    --do--                    Two pavilions on stone pillers over the tomb.

120.        --do--                    --do--                    Kalen Kot.

121.        --do--                    --do--                    Nawab Amir Khan Mosque.

122.        --do--                    --do--                    Building with two domes near the civil hospital thatta

123.        --do--                    --do--                    Jama masjid

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