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In 1880,Hassan Ali Effendi took first ever efforts to establish “Ajuman-i-Islam”-an organization to provide platform to Sindhi Muslims for getting their social,cultural,religious and educational problems resolved ans solved.Pirs and Amirs opposed this move,because none of them was accommodated in the organization in manner as they desired and demanded.It took four years to materialize the idea,he formed “Anjma-i-Muhammadi”later on known as “Sindh Muhammadan Association”.

Non-Sindhi writers have give impression that Hassan Ali Effindi was influenced and asked by Justice Amir Ali who visited sindh In connection with any case.On this occasion he advised Hassan Ali Effendi to form an association.No doubt,Justice Amir Ali was in Sindh but,in August 1884. where as “Sindh Muhammadan Association” was already established on 16 March,1884.

Following were the office-bearers & founder members of the Association

Hassan Ali Effendi (President)
K.B.Najamuddin (V.President)
Moulvi Allah Bux “Abojho” (Secretary)
Sardar Muhammad Yakoob
Shaikh Muhammad Ismail
K.B.khdadad Khan
K.B.Ali Muhammad Hassan Ali
K.B.Wali Muhammad Hassan Ali
Seth Alibhai Karimji
Seth Ghulam Hussain Chagla
Seth Noor Muhammad Lalan
Seth Salih Muhammad Umer Dosal
Seth Ghulam Hussain Khalikdina
Seth Faiz Muhammad Fatih Muhammad
Shahzado Muhammad Yakoob.

Sindh Muhammadan Association ,due to its appealing program get response from the Muslim society.That is why its branches were opened in interior of Sindh as under:

Shikarpur on 18.06.1884
Larkano on 20.09.1884
Sukkur on 15.02.1885
Hyderabad on 13.03.1885

This Association was established with the following Aims & Objectives:


    1. To take efforts for the social,cultural,religious & educational uplifit of the Muslim community.
    2. To extend due cooperation to sister organizations .
    3. To ensure loyality to the Government.


The Sindh Muhammadan Association remained active till the sepration of Sindh from Mombai Presidency in 1936.It was headed by the following as its Presidents & Secretaries. (A) Presidents: Hassan Ali Effendi, K.B.Khudadad, Sardar Muhammad Yakoob, K.B.Shaikh Sadik Ali, Muhammad Ibrahim, Syed Allahando Shah, Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto & K.B.Muhammad ayoob Khuhro. (B) Secretaries: Moulvi Allah Bux “Abojho”, Wali Muhammad Hassan Ali & Pir Ali Muhammad Shah Rashdi.
Apart from the above-cited office bearers,following remained the active members of the Association:
A.K.Bhutto (Larkano)
A.M.K.Dehlvi (Karachi)
Abdul Hamid Khudadad Khan (Sukkur)
Abdul Majid Hassan Ali
Abdul Majid Pirzado (Sukkur)
Abdul Rahman Muhammad Yakoob (Karachi)
Abdul Wahab Khan (Hyderabad)
Ahmad Bux Bhutto (Larkano)
Ahmed Ali Bhutto (Larkano)
Ali Bux Muhammad Hussain (Shikarpur)
Ali Muhammad Hassan Ali (Karachi)
Ali Muhammad Kadri (Larkano)
Ali Nawaz Alvi (Shikarpur)
Alidino Ali Muhammad (Karachi)
Allah Bux Ansari
Allah Bux Gabol (Karachi)
Allah Bux Soomro (Shikarpur)
Chakar Khan Sohriani
Deen Muhammad Alig
Dost Muhammad Thebo
Dr.Foujdar Khan Durrani (Shikarpur)
Dr.Gul Muhammad Durrani (Shikarpur)
G.M.Syed (Saan)
Ganhwar Khan Isran (Larkano)
Ghulam Farid Khemtio (Khairpur)
Ghulam Hussain Bhalidino
Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah
Ghulam Hussain Shaikh Walji
Ghulam Qadir Muhammad Shaban (Shikarpur)
Haji Abdul Hakim Shah
Haji Abdul Ghafoor (Karachi)
Haji Allah Bux Hakiro (Kamber)
Haji Imamuddin Kalhoro
Haji Rasool Bux Ghanghro (Larkano)
Hakim Fatih Muhammad Sewhani (Karachi)
Hakim Moulvi Muhammad Alim
Hassan Ali Wali Muhammad (Karachi)
Hatim Ali Alvi (Karachi)
Hazar Khan Khoso
K.B.Amir Ali Lahori
K.B.Haji Varial
K.B.Jan Muhammad Pathan
K.B.Kadirdad Khan
K.B.Kalab Ali Mirza
K.B.Muhammad Hussain (Karachi)
K.B.Nawaz Ali Mirza
K.B.Rasool Bux Shah
K.B.Sadik Ali Shaikh
K.B.Sardar Chakar Khan
K.S,Khair Muhammad Abdani
K.S. Fazul Illahi Khan (Karachi)
K.S. Muhammad Hussain Pleader
K.S. Muhammad Rahim Mirza
K.S. Saifuddin Khan
K.S.Ali Hassan Hakro
K.S.Burhan Khan (Karachi)
K.S.Dhani Bux Jatoi (Mehar)
K.S.Gul Muhammad Khan Isran (Larkano)
K.S.Haji Imam Bux Jatoi (Moro)
K.S.Haji Muhammad Ghulam Hussain
K.S.Muhammad Ali
K.S.Muhammad Sadik
K.S.Muhammad Shaban Pleader
K.S.Qaim Khan Shaikh (Kamber)
K.S.Shamisuddin Khan (Sujawal)
K.S.Syed Mured Ali Shah
Kazi Abdul Aziz (Karachi)
Kazi Abdul Qayoom (Hyderabad)
Kazi Abdul Rahman (Karachi)
Kazi Ali Muhammad (Rohri)
Kazi Ali Raza (Rohri)
Kazi Imam Ali
Kazi Khuda Bux (Karachi)
Kazi Shafi Muhammad (Dadu)
Master Muhammad Parial
Mian Ali Bux (Mahota/Larkano)
Mian Ali Bux Muhammad Hussain
Mian Badaruddin (Shahdadkot)
Mian Fakir Muhammad (Larkano)
Mir Ayub Khan (Karachi)
Mir Hussain Bux Talpur (Hyderabad)
Mir Muhammad Baloch (Karachi)
Mir Muhammad khan Talpur
Mir Noor Muhammad (Jacobabad)
Mirza Farukh Baig (Nawabshah)
Mirza Kalich Baig (Hyderabad)
Mistri Haji Muhammad Umer
Moiz-u-ddin Abdul Ali
Molvi Abdul Hakim
Moulana Din Muhammad “Wafai”(Karachi)
Moulana Muhammad Suliman Banvi (Thatta)
Moulvi Taj Muhammad (Karachi)
Muhammad Ahsan
Muhammad Alim Shah
Muhammad Aslam Dentis
Muhammad Chhutal Soomro (Larkano)
Muhammad Hashim Was
Muhammad Ihsan Umed Ali (Hyderabad)
Muhammad Muaz (Nawabshah)
Muhammad Pannah Dhakhan(Dhakan)
Murad Ali Shah
Najaf Ali Shah
Nawab Ghabi Khan Chandio (Kamber)
Nawab Mahrab Khan Bughti
Noor Muhammad Lakhair (Hyderabad)
Pir Amir Asadullah Shah Rashdi
Pir Bakadar Shah (Matiari)
Pir Bux Kartio
Pir Bux Mian Mahmood
Pir Rasool Bux Shah
Pir Usman Shah Rashdi
Rafiuddin Sarhandi
Rais Ghulam Muhammad bhugri (Dengan)
Rais Kadir Bux Jatio
Rais Najamuddin
Sabir Ali Shah
Saifuddin khan Pathan
Sardar Wahid Bux Bhutto (Larkano)
Serai Kaim Khan Karmani
Serai Sher Muhammad Kanasiro
Seth Abdul Rahim Salim Muhammad (Karachi)
Seth Ahmed-u-ddin (larkano)
Seth Alibhai Karimji (Karachi)
Seth Faiz Muhammad Fatih Ali (Karachi)
Seth Ghulam Hussain Chagla (Karachi)
Seth Haji Abdul Majid (Karachi)
Seth Haji Abdul Shakoor (Karachi)
Seth Haji Abdul Wahid (Karachi)
Seth Haji haroon Abdullah (Karachi)
Seth Hussain Bhai Bundukwala (Karachi)
Seth Khudadad Surhio (Larkano)
Seth Muhammad Jaffar Khowjo
Seth Noor Muhammad Pirbhai
Seth Yusuf Ali Ali Bhai (Karachi)
Shah Muhammad Lahori (Larkano)
Shahnawaz khan Dhakhan (Dhakhan)
Shaikh Abdul Majid Sindhi (Karachi)
Shaikh Karim Bux
Shaikh Muhammad Ismail
Shamisuddin “Bulbil”(Mehar)
Sher Muhammad khan Bijarani
Sirai Gohar Khan Ibrahim
Sirai Pir Bux Khuhawar (Shahdadkot)
Syed Ali Asghar Shah (Tikhar)
Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah (Tharparkar)
Syed Haji Abdul Rahim Shah (Sujawal)
Syed Hassan Ali Shah
Syed Jamal-u-ddin Bukhari (Karachi/larkano)
Syed Mahmood Shah Ghazi (Karachi)
Syed Mian Jewan shah (Dadu)
Syed Miran Muhammad Shah (Hyderabad)
Syed Muhammad Hashim Shah
Syed Muhammad Kamil Shah
Syed Shahnawaz Shah (Thatta)
Syed Wali Muhammad Shah
Syrd Karam Ali Shah
Syed Sabir Ali Shah (Thatta)
Taj Muhammad Shaikh
Tyeb Ali ali Bhoy (Karachi)
Usman Salih Omar Dosal (Karachi)
Wadero Dost Muhammad Hakro (Kamber)
Wadero Gul Muhammad Phul (Larkano)
Wadero Imam Bux (Mahota/Larkano)
Wadero Khair Muhammad Phul (Larkano)
Wadero Muhammad Ismail Mahessar (Mehar)
Wadero Muhammad Nawaz Khuhro (Aqil/Larkano)
Wadero Noor Muhammad Thebo (Dadu)
Wadero Sahib khan Junijo(Larkano)
Wadero Sardar Allah Bux Jalbani
Wadero Wahid Bux Khuhro (Aqil/Larkano)
Wadero Yar Muhammad Khuhro(Aqil/Larkano)

The collection of the Gul Hayat on the”Sindh Muhammadan Association”consists of
Information/material/data on the “Who’s Who”of the office-bearers and members,minutes of various
Meetings and important addresses presented by the association.The information/material can be provided
On request subject to the fulfillment of our Terms & conditions.The list of our holding’s on activities
Of the “Sindh Muhammadan Association”is given as under:]
Minutes of the meetings
Meetings held on
24.04.1912 @ Karachi
19.03.1917 @ Karachi
06.10.1917 @ Hyderabad
07.10.1917 @ Sukkur
18.11.1917 @ Larkano
25.04.1918 @ Karachi
13.06.1918 @ Khairpur
05.01.1919 @ Hyderabad
09.01.1919 @ Karachi
25.06.1921 @ larkano
30.11.1925 @ Karachi
02.05.1927 @ Larkano
03.06.1927 @ Hyderabad
12.12.1927 @ Karachi
27.01.1928 @ Larkano
17.06.1928 @ Shikarpur
05.04.1929 @ Larkano
31.05.1930 @ sukkur
02.07.1930 @ Sukkur
01.09.1932 @ Hyderabad

Addresses and Memorandums

    1. An address presented to the Governor of Bombay in 1884.
    2. An address presented to the Viceroy of India in 1887.
    3. An address presented to the Governor of Bombay in 1916.
    4. An address presented to the Viceroy of India in 1917.
    5. The Report on Indian reforms sent to the Bombay Government in 1918.
    6. An address presented to the Governor of Bombay in 1919.
    7. The Memorial to the Governor of Bombay in 1928.
    8. The Memorandum presented to the Simon Commission in 1928.
    9. An address presented to the Governor of Bombay in 1928.
    10. An address presented to the Governor of Bombay in 1933.

The material/data/information can be provided on request.


© Fayaz Sindhi 2010