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Most of people of our times are of opinion that Peoples Party was formed by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. No doubt it is correct but he was Sir Shahnawaz Khan Bhutto who coined the name for the party and formed Sindh Peoples Party in 1943 with the cooperation of his contemporary political leaders  like G.M Syed, Khan Bahadur Allah Bux Soomro and Syed Meeran Muhammad Shah, etc.

The Gul Hayat Institute, well known for preservation of source material on history culture and literature of sindh has collected, preserved and documented the first ever document of draft of the Minutes of the meeting. This document is reproduced here with for research purposes.


A meeting of the following friends was held under the president ship of Sir S.N Bhutto, Kt. C.I.E., on 12th June 1934 at Haider Manzil, Karachi.

1.    Sir S.N Bhutto Kt.

2.    K.B Allah Bux

3.    Syed Miran Md. Shah

4.    Mir Hatim A. Alvi

5.    Mr. Maula Bux Soomro

6.    Mr. Mohammad Ali Shah of Darbelo

7.    Mr.  Mohammad Matari

8.    Pir Bakadar Shah

9.    G.M Sayed

After some discussion it was decided to form a political party to be named “Peoples Party”. The meeting was then adjourned to be held at 9.00 a.m. on the following day. The following were present at the adjourned meeting held on 13th June 1934. K. B. Allah Bux was in the chair.K.B. Allah Bux

1.    Miran Mohammad Shah

2.    Pir Bakadar Shah

3.    Mr. Maula Bux Soomro

4.    K. B. Chakar Khan

5.    Mohammad Ali Shah Of Matari

6.    Mohammad Ali Shah of Darbelo

7.    Shah Nawaz Shah

8.    G. M Sayed

Constitution of the party was framed and passed as per copy attached.

The following office hearers of the party were then appointed:-

Leader                           Sir S .N Bhutto

Deputy Leader              1. Mr. K.B Allah Bux

                             2. Mr. Miran Mohammad Shah

General Secretary

& Treasurer                   Mr. Hatim A. Alavi

Jt. Secretary                  Mr. G. M Sayed

It was then resolved that in addition to above office bearers there should be a Working Committee to be formed of 40 members, five to be enrolled from each district of Sindh by each of the following eight members:-

1.    K.B. Chakarkhan to enroll members from Upper Sindh district

2.    K. B. Allah Bux                            _do_                    Sukkur dist.

3.    K. B. Bhutto                                 _do_                    Larkana dist.

4.    Miran Mohammad Shah           _do_                    Hyderabad Dist.

5.    K.B. Mohammad Pariyal           _do_                    Dadu

6.    Haji Abdul Rahim Shah            _do_                     Karachi

7.    K.S.F.S Mirza                              _do_                    Nawabshah

8.    K.B.G.N Shah                             _do_                    Tharparkar

The General Secretary was authorizes to take immediate steps to organize the party on the above lines.



1.    Name of the party will be “People’s Party”.

2.    Head Quarter Karachi (Office)

3.    Objects will be as under:-

(a)To organize public workers in the different parts of the country under the banner of above named party, and carry on programme made from time to time for works of the Legislative Council and Assembly.

(b)            To propagate party principles in the country by lectures, broadcasting, pamphlets and through party’s daily paper.

(c) Carry on elections on party principles and tickets.

(d)            Prepare program from time to time for the work of council for reconstruction, social reform, economic progress, women welfare and broadening political outlook.

4.    Membership:    

1.    Lender will pay Rs. 50/- per month

2.    Other office bears Rs. 25/- per month.

3.    Working committee members Rs. 5/- per month.

5.    Attached application form for membership will have to be signed by every person desiring to join the party.

6.    Rules and bylaws:-

For the fulfillment and guidance of the different objects, rules and byelaws will be made form time to time.

7.    Rules for council election:

(a) Party members will be bound by honour to stand by party decision and help those members who have been selected by working committee and stand on the party ticket.

(b) Every such person selected by the party for the (local) council, will pay Rs. 500/- .

8.    Working committee:

Working committee will consist of five members from each district.



9.    District branches:-

They will work under the same constitution by contributing half of their income to the central. Every branch will have:-

1.    General body.

2.    Working committee

3.    Leader

4.    Two Deputy Leaders

5.    One secretary

6.    One Treasurer

Working committee will have two members from each Taluka. Head quarter offices will be at the head quarters of the revenue district.

Note:- this will be in practice after thorough organization.

10.             Office Bearers:-

a.     Leader

b.    Two Deputy Directors

c.     One Secretary

d.    Jt. Secretary & Treasurer

e.     Working Committee of 40 members, five from each districts.

11.             Committees:

a.     Press Committee

b.    Propaganda Committee

c.     Political committee

d.    Election committee

e.     Grievance redressing Committee

12.             Party will have its own liberty at the central office.

13.             Party will have its own daily vernacular as well as English paper as soon as funds permit.

14.             Functions of different committees:

a.     Press Committee: will have to organize, manage and frame policies of the paper from time to time.

b.    Propaganda committee: carry on orders of the party and broadcast them by different methods.

c.     Political committee: to watch and settle the local situation so as to keep the party solid one.

d.    Election committee: at the time of election, carry on election campaign under the orders of the party for the persons selected by the party.

e.     Grievance Redressing Committee: from very cornor of the country in the head office party, members will have to send their complaints for which this committee will try its level best to redress the complaints either by press, platform or through councils.


The material/data/information can be provided on request.

© Fayaz Sindhi 2010